Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Freedom is on the March, Elsewhere

As the election winds down, my acid reflux comes up. So from now on I will be posting using a backing track:

Dear Leader tries to heal the healthy. I guess that's close enough to the Jeebus.

Mr. Obama, could you please assist us in pointing out which of you is insane?

"And I think it was really wrong for Senator Kerry to mention that Mary Cheney was a lesbian, without pointing out that she is a selfish hedonist. Or as I said in my voiceover work for George Lucas, 'going to hell, a dyke, she is.'"

"Boy, I can hardly wait until the elections over so I can go back to doing nothing again, one way or another."


"Mr. President, who's responsible for the weapons missing in Iraq?"

Same Question.

No turkee for that Reporter, he asked hard "qweschin".

"Flibbity, flamity, floppity, floo, freedom on the march. vote for me."

"I am so kicking that guy's ass."

"Oh higher father, please save my ass."

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