Friday, October 22, 2004

I Guess Patriotism isn't the last refuge of the Scoundrel, It's fear

This is rich.

From Campaign Extra comes this news of a newly unveiled Bush ad called "Wolves"

Today, the Bush-Cheney campaign unveils a major new ad it calls, simply, "Wolves." It may become the most talked about spot of the 2004 race -- especially if Bush wins. Moody and ominous, the 30-second ad mines the shadowy light-and-dark world of a mysterious forest, with an occasional nano-second flash of danger, before showing the large pack (sleeper cell?) of wolves ready to attack at the first sign of weakness. At the end, the pack is getting rousing, ready to pounce on....the election of President Kerry?

"Wolves" is the Democrats' worst nightmare -- slick, evocative, memorable, and utterly misleading. Like Bush's other terrorism spots, it seeks to make hay of a Democratic effort to cut intelligence funding after "the first attack on the World Trade Center." How many discerning viewers know that's a reference to the 1993 attack that killed 6 people, not the devastating suicide attack of 9/11? More to the point, the ad debuts on the very day that the Washington Post rips apart the real Bush record on fighting al-Qaeda, marked by stupidity and blown chances.

After three years, we know what the Bush Administrations policy against "Wolves" is.

First, the CRY WOLF continuously.

Second, they kick the herding dog until it leaves and will not help us.

Third, they stop attacking the wolves, and instead keep killing the sheep until the sheep get so pissed they won't be hearded anymore.

Fourth, they put out the fire that is useful at keeping them at bay and give us all a mutton chop so we'll be more attractive targets.

Fifth, they run away to a secure, safe location.

Sixth, they start crying "Wolf" again, over the loudspeaker affixed over their wolf-proof lair.

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