Friday, October 22, 2004

Why the Ground Game will Matter and Kerry will Win

Gallup stated the other day that the Republican Base was more activated than the Democratic one this year.

Time after time we see photographic evidence this is not true.

Last Night, in Minneapolis.

The media whores keep whining that democrats are more motivated by hatred of Bush than love of Kerry. Of course, they don't leave their Georgetown homes.

Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry made his eighth campaign stop in Minnesota on Thursday night at a raucous rally in the Metrodome parking lot.

Tens of thousands of fans roared their way through an amped-up 34-minute version of the Massachusetts senator's stump speech, in which he caustically indicted the Bush administration on everything from the war on terrorism to the budget deficit to prescription drugs.

Bush cannot, has not, and will not draw these kinds of crowds.

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