Tuesday, October 26, 2004

"No skull to skull action if you don't shut your Teutonic Trap"

Apparently, the ambitious plans of the Gropinator to utter tired catch-phrases for Chimpy McBackHump have been sharply curtailed. I'm guessing Ah-nald misses the Kennedy action.

[Schwartzenegger] is considering a single trip to Ohio — there and back the same day, probably Friday.

"Now I can squeeze in a quick trip because I have my own plane," he said. "So there is a way of doing it. But I'm not going to hop around from state to state because the people did not elect me to do that."

Schwarzenegger sponsors an annual fitness weekend in Columbus, Ohio, and has made clear that Ohio is the only state besides California where he would campaign for Bush.

"Ah, Mah-rey-ah, mah tiny, stare-oid shrivelled bahls ar in ze need ahf revease! Plez bring vor giant skull close to mine. I have been ze good huzband now and done vour bidding. Ja?"

I'm sorry for those pictures.

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