Friday, December 24, 2004

Bring me the metaphorical Head of Dickie Myers.

The lack of broadband is making it hard to post out here in the boonies Attaturks parents live in, called PHOENIX, ARIZONA...okay, they don't have broadband is all. And they are staunch Republicans and watch FoxNews incessently. Except for the fact that they are loaded to the gills with food and appliances, and live in a moderately posh retirement community, it might as well be hell. No broadband, oh the humanity!

Anyhoo, the lack of broadband, has, as expected deterred my blogging efforts. However, this little nugget from Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard "Yet another Dick" Myers requires a post.

"This attack [in Mosul], of course, is the responsibility of insurgents, the same insurgents who attacked on 9/11"

Ah, the idiocy.

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