Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Recount in Ohio: Bush lead Narrows

Well, well... the repugnicrats in Ohio have still handed the election to their boss (the repugs control almost all state offices -- especially all of the positions that ran the election). After shaking off the amazing surprise, I have to point out that there are still problems with the count and recount in Ohio. Considering the small amount of victory for Chimpy and Trusty, a thorough investigation of Ohio's election procedure (voters in heavily democratic urban areas were never able to cast their ballots due to long lines, insufficient voting machines, incorrect and outdated provisional forms, and questions about eligibility targeting democrats. And not to menion that many voters saw their ballots unfairly discarded). In a New York Times report today, there were numerous problems:

The state has become an emblem of continuing ailments in the nation's electoral process, because of Election Day events like seven-hour lines that drove voters away from the polls, malfunctioning machines, poorly trained poll workers who directed people to the wrong polling places and uneven policies about the use of provisional ballots, which were given to voters whose registration was contested.

The democrats keep pointing out several problems but the repugnicrats refuse to acknowledge that the election was tainted. Surprise, surprise.

Daniel Trevas, a spokesman for the Ohio Democratic Party, said Democrats supported the recount but found that county elections officials sometimes ignored requests by recount observers to see rejected absentee and provisional ballots, and were not informed about procedures used to recount and reject ballots.

"Some of these boards did not give us full access during the recount," Mr. Trevas said.

He said that in one county, Clermont County, in southwest Ohio, numerous complaints were filed by Democrats and the two independent parties when access to recount procedures was ignored.

If we can't generate support for impeachment, given the preznits low approval numbers we must attack the legitimacy of his presidency -- which is not hard to imagine given the situation in Iraq, irrational attack on social security to help out Bush's friends in the stock market, regressive tax cuts, corporate give aways, unapologetic handouts to the extreme religious right, etc etc, this presidency is a danger to us and our children.

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