Friday, December 31, 2004

Every time Clarence gets a Perk, an endangered Bird's wings are clipped

I'd make a pornography joke, but TBOGG already beat me to it.

Over the last several years, Clarence Thomas has taken more perks than the other businesspeople justices on the Supreme Court.

This particular story of the largesse of his rethuglican admirers is particularly, um, appropo:

Foremost among those conservative friends is Harlan Crow. The son of well-known Dallas real estate executive Trammell Crow, he runs a family holding company that owns 10% of Trammell Crow Co., one of the nation's biggest commercial real estate firms.

A big Republican donor, Crow last summer gave $25,000 to help launch the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth campaign deriding Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John F. Kerry.

In an interview, Crow said he met Thomas 10 years ago at a conference in Dallas where the justice was a speaker. "I was in the audience and I was impressed," Crow said.

Soon afterward, Crow invited Thomas to a family campground in East Texas. Roger Connor, a businessman who was at the camp-out, remembers the all-male gathering.

"They were all smoking cigars. It was a very manly Texas thing," Connor said. He said the participants slept in sleeping bags and tents, and that the activities included a greased pig race.

Oh, I HOPE there is video of that. Finally, an explicit video that Thomas would not want to see.

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