Friday, December 31, 2004

Stingy Bush: Mr. World PR gets his nose rubbed in it

By far the richest planet on earth, you spend $150 Billion (with another $80 Billion Coming) creating Clusterfuckatopia and then pledge $15 million before adding another $20 million to avoid, you believe, embarassment.

You then unleash your minions to browbeat people who say otherwise domestically.

But you cannot control everything can you? Sometimes there are limits to your proverbial pants stuffing powers. And now comes the PR shit storm of poorer countries donating more.

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao on Friday offered 500 million yuan ($60.42 million) in aid for tsunami-ravaged countries on top of $2.6 million already pledged.

China was a developing country, but was providing aid out of gratitude for relief it had received for its own disasters, Wen told diplomatic envoys from tsunami-hit South and Southeast Asian countries at Beijing's Zhongnanhai leadership compound.

At a little over $63 million, Beijing is now the third biggest monetary donor behind Britain and Sweden. The United States has made an initial pledge of $35 million.

Mission accomplished.

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