Monday, December 27, 2004

Important Public Service Announcement

We interupt the ususal discussion of politics on this site for a helpful PSA.

Ok, so you go home for the holidays, right? You have to interact with people you care for yet cannot stand their politics! So, how can Rising Hegemon readers deal with this perplexing problem. The family is conservative or worse neoconservative republicans who think that Bush and his ilk walk on water (oil is fine too). How do you manage the conversation when the topic inevitably turns to politics.

The administration here at R-H would like to make a few suggestions for conversation starters to help you through those awkward silences after you exhaust talking about the weather:

(1) So, how is that little war thing working out for you?
(2) Say, did they ever find those nasty weapons of mass destruction cause if not, how about we nominate this fruit cake?
(3) Which Bush daughter do you think is more slutty? Jenna or not- Jenna?
(4) How often do you think Cheney has to replace his heart monitor batteries?
(5) Exactly how much time does Bush spend at his ranch?
(6) Any plans on moving to Ohio?
(7) Do you think that the rapture will happen before we finish dinner? How about before new years day?
(8) So do you attend a mega church or conservative church or church of Bob or cult of the Rumsfeld?
(9) Can you explain the Bush tax cut plan to me? How will that help the poor? (after all it is the season where we are supposed to think about others, right? right?)
(10) Hey, did you know that social security is actually in pretty good shape?
While watching Fox News (11)So, do you think O'Reilly really had sex with that producer person who brought the sexual harrassment charges?
(12) Is it me or is O'Reilly losing his hair?
(13) So you watch Fox "news" all of the time? Doesn't it get a little weird watching them praise Bush all of the time?
(14) I have a question, where is the media headquarters for the liberal conspiracy anyway?
(15) How much money did you donate to Bush-Cheney Inc?
(16) So, who is hotter Laura or Lynne?
(17) Did you know that Lynne Cheney is a man? Does that bother you?
(18) who would win a wrestling match against Saddam: Bush, Cheney, or Rumsfeld?
(19) Got any scrap metal we can send to the troops for the holidays?
(20) So, now that Bush is about to be inaugurated, do you expect me to move to Canada?

We here at Rising Hegemon hope that this small public service will be of use for you.

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