Saturday, December 25, 2004

Irony--It Ain't Just a River in Egypt

Christmas wishes from the President:
President Bush (news - web sites) issued a Christmas Day call for compassion toward the sick and suffering, urging Americans to volunteer to help the neediest among their fellow citizens.

"The Christmas season fills our hearts with gratitude for the many blessings in our lives, and with those blessings comes a responsibility to reach out to others," Bush said in his weekly radio address.

"Many of our fellow Americans still suffer from the effects of illness or poverty, others fight cruel addictions, or cope with division in their families, or grieve the loss of a loved one," he said. "Christmastime reminds each of us that we have a duty to our fellow citizens, that we are called to love our neighbor just as we would like to be loved ourselves. By volunteering our time and talents where they are needed most, we help heal the sick, comfort those who suffer, and bring hope to those who despair, one heart and one soul at a time."

Bush also assured U.S. troops overseas that they are in the thoughts and prayers of their fellow Americans.

If it were not so tragic I would laugh. Here is a guy I wouldn't go out of the way to wish a Merry Christmas (though I might pay good money if he sat in a dunking tank).

But to those of you stopping by, whether you are celebrating or not, I wish you a peaceful day.

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