Friday, December 31, 2004

Importing the worst of the west

Ah it is a grand and glorious tradition, in the best example of screwing up your neighbors stuff...

Given the importation of the best of western culture into other lands, think of all the great television that has been exported into other countries like:

BayWatchBeachSoftPorn or Dallas'Mericansaremeansonsofwithlmoneynosvaluesand-
caresonlyinsexandoil (ok, that last one has not really changed that much, just the forms of our expressions have changed, right?). I am sure that now we are exporting fine programs like CSI and Friends into the international cultural malestrom. And, hey its not like those shows are unrealistic.

But back to the main point:

China in an effort not to be outdone by some smaller and more savy country now has fully established and state supported class warfare (and what's funny is they have been trying to avoid that... remember that big disturbance over there a few years ago? You know you do, guy vs. tank? Anyways, now it turns out that brutal repression could not stop the inevitable creation of economic class inequalities, go figure.

Although one could argue, and I am one, that they had a less developed slipshody version of economic concentration that was mostly centered on membership in the pcommunist olitical party, and well... who are we to argue with brutal repression not being a good example of class warfare?! But the basis was not discretely focused upon class location. Now it is. Adam Smith must be proud.

China's 'Haves' Stir the 'Have Nots' to Violence

Now, how do we teach them to swagger and wear those really really big hats and not look stupid?

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