Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Opportunity Knocks

Never one to miss a beat, I noticed that the cable news stations, websites, and newspapers have taken the time to tell the story of supermodel Petra Nemcova who was injured in the tsunami disaster. Her photographer boyfriend Simon Atlee is among the missing.

While devoting a paragraph or two to Nemcova's tale, the stories all carry an ample supply of Nemcova's photographs for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue, where she is pictured cavorting upon beautiful beaches barely dressed.

Normally, I have no objections to such photographs, but the words tasteless and exploitive come to mind.

While, at the moment, 67,000 non-celebrities now lay dead and likely tens of thousands more are to be added, CNN on its front page manages to squeeze in this headline:

Tsunamis Shatter Celebrity Holidays

Well, thank god they are able to put this disaster in terms those who read People magazine can comprehend!

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