Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Freedom is on the March, has left the building

You know for a guy awful opposed to abortion, Dubya sure seems to have a penchant for stillborn birthing of democracies.

The largest political party representing Iraq's Sunni Muslim minority announced Monday that it would drop out of the Jan. 30 election, dealing a fresh blow to the vote's credibility on the same day the top Shiite Muslim candidate survived a car bombing.

The withdrawal of the Iraqi Islamic Party, combined with the assassination attempt on cleric Abdul Aziz Hakim, heightened concerns that the parliamentary election may produce a lopsided result, further alienating Sunni areas where the armed insurgency is growing.


Yesterday, bin Laden sprouted up again (undoubtedly in a bid to replace Dick Clark for this year's "Rockin' New Years Eve") to call those taking part 'infidels'. Meanwhile, Colin Powell urged Sunnis to take part. I know but a little of Iraqi history and politics, which makes me more qualified than every breathing neo-Con but I imagine bin Laden's zealotry and ham-handedness does the United States more good than bad with the Shia in Iraq.

Good thing we invaded. Wouldn't want to create a mess or anything.

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