Thursday, March 30, 2006

Amigo, Watch Your Back

Since we here at the juggernaut known as Rising-Hegemon always, in the words of Randy Jackson, try to keep it real, Dawg, we want to send a warning to our nation's "friend", Mexico.

The bonds of friendship and shared values between our two nations are strong. We have worked together to overcome many mutual challenges, and that work is yielding results. Today Mexico is America's second largest trading partner, and we are Mexico's largest. Every day thousands of Americans and Mexicans cross the border in both directions for reason of commerce and tourism. And many Americans settle -- many Mexicans settle in America, bringing with them optimism and a strong desire to succeed. They come to fulfill their dreams, and in the process they enrich our nation.

Someone has to tell Mexico that Bush is willing to spy on his fellow citizens, so whatever solace you take from his assurances, do so at your own risk. Also, someone should probably tell Mexicans that our preznit really does think all those jobs at McDonald's and doing the back-breaking labor in our fields, slaughterhouses, and factories is the fulfillment of their dreams. His friends need cheap labor so they can pad their bottom lines and if they can't make the bottom lines look better on the backs of cheap labor here in America they'll just send the jobs where the work is done for pennies. Just sayin'.

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