Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stupidity knows no bounds

The world is simply what Michael Ledeen declares it is. Reality is for suckers.

WHERE'S THE MEDIA? [Michael Ledeen]

In March, 2004, nearly two hundred people were killed and hundreds more wounded in suicide attacks on the occasion of the Ashurah, the holiest day in the Shi’ite calendar. The disaster led the news. last year Karbala was relatively calm, but there were bombings in Baghdad. Again, big news. This year, millions of people filled the streets of Karbala, and there was no violence. And Baghdad was also pretty calm. You might think this was newsworthy, but of course you’d be wrong. And you know why the MSM did not compare this year's celebration with those of the recent past: the comparison would have suggested progress, and that's taboo. Better to focus on Cheney's TV preferences.
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Fuckin' reality:

AP reports that guerrilla violence in Iraq killed 51 on Friday. In addition to bombings and drive-by shootings, police discovered 25 bodies, killed execution-style, in Kadhimiyah and Binok districts. (Kadhimiyah is largely Shiite). AP adds, "The rising death toll among Iraqis on Friday included five worshippers killed in a bombing outside a Sunni Muslim mosque after Friday prayers. At least 15 were wounded in the blast in Khalis, northeast of Baghdad."

Michael Ledeen. It used to be you just ignored people with that kind of quality analysis.

Now you invade nations because of them.

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