Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another year of virginity down the tubes

Hmmm, somehow that phrase doesn't work all that well.

Over at Moron Junction, it appears that K-Lo's biological clock has ticked off another year. Time moves slowly when you spend all day in your efficiency apartment in the Newark suburbs; watching old episodes of "My Three Sons" and dreaming about Barry Livingston (the "Original White Urkel") wearing nothin' but his glasses


Need a job? Have a rich fantasy life? Feel the news, as opposed to reporting it? Well then, lookey here:

JOB OPPORTUNITY [Jonah Goldberg]

As an effort to prove there's nothing but collegiality on the Right, I'm doing this favor for Steve Hayes (the fact that I no longer owe him any money has nothing to do with it). Hayes, that intrepid former NRO contributor, erstwhile nemesis of mine at the poker table, and now investigative muckraker at the Weekly Standard is looking for a researcher. Here's how he describes the gig:

I'm looking for an eager college or grad student to help me with research for a biography of Vice President Dick Cheney. Location is not important, persistence is. The ideal candidate will be motivated, curious, efficient, and unwilling to say "I couldn't find it/get it." Pay is negotiable but modest.

Interested parties can email a resume and short cover note (subject line: research) to:

I know lots of schools are on Spring break, so the eager-beaver college kids who are reading the Corner on vacation will have a leg-up on the competition.

I hear James Frey is looking for a new gig.

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