Monday, March 27, 2006

This can't happen yet...

They haven't had a chance to fully blame the press yet!

Security in Baghdad seems to be deteriorating by the hour, and it is increasingly unclear who is in control. Earlier today, the Iraqi Interior Ministry reported that American forces raided a secret prison and arrested several Iraqi policeman.

American officials have been more overt in the past week than ever in blaming Shiite militias, in particular Mr. Sadr's Mahdi Army, for a wave of sectarian bloodshed that seems to have no end. This morning, authorities in Baghdad discovered the corpses of 10 more men, all bound, blindfolded and shot.

As night fell, American and Iraqi Army forces surrounded a mosque in northeast Baghdad that is also used as a headquarters for Mr. Sadr's militia, Iraqi officials said. Helicopters buzzed overhead as a fleet of heavily armed Humvees sealed off the exits, witnesses said. When the soldiers tried to enter the mosque, shooting erupted, and a heavy caliber gun battle raged for the next hour.

The Interior Ministry said 17 people were killed, including the mosque's 80-year-old imam and other civilians.

Only 81 reported dead yesterday, a percentage of the actual dead undoubtedly.

And just yesterday, there was Condi Rice talking about how there may be a pullout yet this year because while things are not worth a "smiley face", they are progressing like Dick Cheney "says he always thought they'd go".

Like in Ramadi, who would ever forget this "Leave it to Beaver" moment:

On Wednesday, armed insurgents burst into the classroom of Khidhir al-Mihallawi, an English teacher at Sajariyah High School, accused him of being an agent for the CIA and Israeli intelligence and beheaded him in front of his students, according to students, fellow instructors and a physician at a local hospital.

So much for the schools. I sure wish Laura Ingraham could make up some shit and tell us what is "really" happening.

(REUTERS/Atef Hassan)

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