Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Please be my buddy

I don't know why a President that has started a war he is now losing expects the press to continue to kiss his ass. I also don't know why he even tries, given that the Press thinks Clinton's blowjob is still a worse thing than Bush causing the deaths of tens of thousands to make the world an even more fucked up place. But it seems they do.

But merely not getting as nasty a coverage as the Clenis is not enough, Georgie, like most people with mommy issues, needs people to "approve of him". He also seems to think that he can improve his legacy by deigning to spend time with reporters "one-on-one".

In an apparent effort to mend his relationship with the press, President George Bush has been holding off-the-record meetings with White House reporters for the past few days, an apparent first since he took office...

...A scribe who attended a session last Thursday called it "a little surreal....He wants to chew the fat," the reporter said. "He asked about our backgrounds, our families. He wanted to be informal, but it couldn't be, because of who he is."

I don't think this is a hard call -- but then again, what do I know, it's only history I'm dealing with, not Rupert Murdoch.

I can imagine getting a one-on-one with Dear Leader:

Bush: So how are the wife and kids?

Atta J. Turk: I'm not married and I have no kids. Why are you such a fucking lying scumbag you piece of shit? How does it feel to lose a war you started you goddamned war criminal? Here, I brought some pictures of Iraqi & American kids with their legs blown off or their heads bashed in -- all because of you. Look at them you stupid bag of puss! I don't know how you can sleep at night you ambien sucking, war mongering, two-bit, spoiled, cowardly brat. When we pose for a picture, make sure you get my good side, the side that's turned toward you while I knee you in what passes for your balls you fuckin' douchebag!

Here, have another pretzel!

But other than that, I'd be pleasant.

Hello, Mr. Secret Service Man and/or Woman! Hard to believe nobody has snatched me up with such manners isn't it?

Start a War -- Lose a War; your media coverage should suck. In fact, it should be as bad as media coverage can ever get, even worse then getting a blowjob and trying to be cute about it.

But what do I know, I'm just a person living in "reality" instead of manufacturing it.

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