Saturday, March 25, 2006

Comedy, not always pretty -- often inadvertent

Okay, so the guy you've just spent the last 24 hours defending against all logic has been caught redhanded, and repeatedly stealing and lying.

The same guy then lies about his lying and gets caught redhanded again!

So, having gotten down deep into your seemingly bottomless pool of cognitive dissonance, you are shown to have been defending a serial plagiarist and liar what do you say about a guy like Ben Domenech?

Why this, of course:

If you, as many have done, dedicate thousands of man-hours to scrutinizing of his life's work, you'll find two things: First, you'll find several instances of this behavior, some attributable to youth, and some not. Second, you'll find an amazingly talented writer, a man of principle, and an earnest young activist seeking not to advance himself -- though advance he did -- but the things he believed in.

And, of course, all those people who exposed this call them the real problem.

I guess spending all these years defending George Bush and Dick Cheney makes this kind of illogical, laughable jujitsu easy for them.

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