Wednesday, March 22, 2006

George Bush Inadvertently Supporting Democracy throughout the World

Here is the equation:

Be elected on a platform of economic liberalization and distribution of income to the lower strata of your economy;

Survive a coup tacitly supported by the Bush Administration;

Have the price of oil skyrocket because of the stupidity of the Bush Administration;

Continue mocking Bush;

See your job approval rating more than double Bush's popularity rating:

Caracas, Mar 17 (Prensa Latina) The newest polls in Venezuela show Friday President Hugo Chavez´s growing popularity with a view to December 3 elections.

SEIJAS Poll Company, which worked for opposite Democratic Party for years, gave Chavez 82 percent of popular support.

According to the survey, the statesman is easily ahead of any opposition runners and has 60 percent of the intended vote.

Let's continue counting the number of times that Republicans imply that Chavez is a tyrant.

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