Monday, March 20, 2006

Bush Speak #649

From the secret files of Karl Rove:

>begin memo

Never, ever... ever... use the word "war" unless referring to need to expand presidential powers over the Congress and Judiciary and break unnecessary protections on freedoms and liberties of citizens. It is critically important to not use the word "war" when talking about the anniversary of the Iraqi military effort (see no use of the before mentioned no-no word). For example, instead of "war" try one of the following:

1. Military Effort
2. Extending Democracy
3. Bringing Peace and Democracy
4. Being Medieval on their Asses (ok, that one is just for fun at the RNC)
5. Campaign to Liberate

This is why the President, following my devinely inspired wisdom, is talking about the anniversary of the "war" by discussing "the third anniversary of the beginning of the liberation of Iraq."

Please direct any questions to me.

>end memo

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