Thursday, March 29, 2007

Americans Want To Win!

Over at kos, our exalted overlord reminds us about the crazy wing of the Democratic party:

Democrats have been notching headlines like this one of late:

Democrats Are Building on Unity Over Iraq Pullout

A good thing, right? Well, not if your part of the increasingly isolated Liebercrat wing of the party. Like Harold Ford and his organization without a constituency:

Former Rep. Harold E. Ford Jr., the new chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC), yesterday said he does not agree with efforts by Congress to set a deadline for U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq.

"I think most Americans want to win, they don't want to see us leave early, and if we leave prematurely, we may create a broader set of conflicts and invite a bigger problem in that region than before leaving," Mr. Ford said.

(He can "think it" all he wants, the polls are unmistakable -- people want the hell out.)

How many times do we have to revisit Mission Accomplished? I say we do what comes naturally--declare victory and beat feet outta there. It is utterly amazing that people like Lieberschmuck, Ford, McCain, and countless other Republicans, that loyalty to dear leader is more important than 1) doing the right thing, or 2) doing what 7 out of 10 people want you to do, which also happens to be the right thing.

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