Friday, March 23, 2007

Staring at you in the face:

David Ignatius today:

Here's the challenge for the Democrats: Become the party that fixes things, that solves problems, that respects expertise and professionalism. Let the GOP be the party of smart alecks and know-it-alls and smirking e-mail writers. The Republicans have made a bed of political arrogance; let them sleep in it for a good long while.

This is and would be good advice. One wonders why Ignatius doesn't see the plain evidence of this, however, right in front of his face.

Did we not see Al Gore up on the Hill testifying just yesterday? A man who is nothing if not a serious person, a policy wonk?

Did we not see Gore's well-educated and serious views on display yesterday, while James Inhofe -- who believes that Global Warming is equivalent to Hitlerism at the same time he believes in creationism -- behaved like a raving jackass?

Yet where was David Ignatius in 2000?

Where was any of the press?

Oh, that's right, ripping Gore to shreds because he was sober, serious, and wooden -- especially in comparison to that spritely alcoholic you want to have a beer with George W. Bush (not a "petulant" bone in his body they'd say!).

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