Friday, March 23, 2007

Disingenuous Post of the Day

You cannot be this patently stupid, but you probably can be this bad a liar:

You Want to Talk About a Surge? [Andy McCarthy]

Here is a real eye-popper from that FPM symposium Stanley and Derb have discussed. It comes from the excellent Steve Schippert: "[T]he Taliban-al-Qaeda alliance is believed to have amassed combined-forces strength of about 200,000 fighters throughout the FATA and NWFP region [of Pakistan]."

Let that sink in — 200,000.

There are about 40,000 NATO troops in Afghanistan (20,000 U.S.).

Meanwhile, we are arguing over a temporary addition of up to 30,000 troops on top of the less than 150,000 in Iraq. Democrats want to wind all of it down, sooner rather than later.

Anybody want to guess what happens in the region if we leave Iraq too soon?

I dunno Andy pants but I don't see many Democrats saying we need to leave Afghanistan, so I don't know what "REGION" you are referring to. In fact for more than five years now many Democrats have been calling for more attention and more troops to be placed in Afghanistan and more more efforts to be made over the border in Pakistan.

And time after time they've been called "weak" and "wrong" and those are amongst the nicer things. When John Kerry correctly pointed out that the Bush Administration had committed serious errors at Tora Bora and Osama bin Laden had escaped Bush and his minions called him a low-down dirty liar. Of course, he was exactly the opposite of this and in your heart of hearts you know this.

You also know the obvious, that we could put a hell of a lot more troops into Afghanistan if we were not bogged down on a created war that is an unmitigated disaster in ever possible way.

And you know this too.

Unless you are an idiot.

Which I am not calling you.

So you know what that leaves.

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