Sunday, March 25, 2007

Samuel Francis

Perhaps, someone should tell Representative Duncan that Samuel Francis is a white supremacist? His work was often published in anti-semetic magazines and he worked with the Council of Conservative Citizens.

From the website of Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.

Paying Tribute to Samuel Francis, a Brilliant and Brave Writer

March 8, 2005
United States House of Representatives

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a fellow Tennessean, but a man whom I never had the privilege of meeting. Samuel Francis was a nationally syndicated newspaper columnist and a leading voice of traditional conservatism. He passed away several days ago, just after the Congress had gone into recess, at the too-young age of 57 from complications after heart

No two people, not even husbands and wives or best friends, agree on everything; and I did not always agree with Sam Francis. But I admired his courage. He was politically incorrect on almost everything, which made him right on most things, but also very controversial. He was a leading critic of neo-conservatives, Big Government conservatives who really are not very conservative at all.

Raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Dr. Francis had a bachelor's degree from Johns Hopkins and master's and Ph.D. degrees from the University of North Carolina. Sam Francis did not believe in world government and multiculturalism. He was a patriotic American who put his own country first and was a brilliant and brave writer.

What does this tell us about Representative Duncan?

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