Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Another one...

Who should I spy on C-Span but a Kimberly KAGAN espousing the same talking points as other Kagans (Donald, Fred, Robert, Tennessee Ernie etc)

For some reason, though she's been written of before, I didn't realize she existed and yet there she is.

All those Kagans all for one little war...and none of them actually serving, though Kim at the very lease is of prime fighting age.

I dub them a KAGEL of KAGANS.

They're creepy and they're chubby,
Warmongering and schlubby,
With Freepers they are clubby,
The Kagan Family.

Think Tanks they do employ 'em
For Wars that are a screa-um
Please pay them their per diem
The Kagan Family.





da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge da-da-da-surge


So c'mon and get your War On
Cuz' Congress you can crawl on

For Op-Eds you can count on
Use the KAGAN Family.

*photo from here.

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