Monday, March 26, 2007

"It Stinks"

(To the Mystery Science Theatre Theme)
In the all too current future,
Sadly every fucking day

We were lead by Dearest Leader,

Not as smart as a lump of clay

He got the job his Daddy had,

Behaves like an ass and is always mad
He went and shat all over, a disgrace,

"But Dick Cheney wants his oil,

Let's invade this fucking place!"

"We'll say they had WMDs

Mushroom Clouds of make believe (la-la-la)
We'll have to stay and fuck 'em all,

'Cuz we'll never ever leave" (la-la-la)

Now keep in mind George can't control,

Where reality starts and fiction ends (la-la-la)
Because he blew every ounce of sanity,

With a lot a coke from Daddy's friends

Asshole Roll Call: (Come on, let's go)

Lump (Celeron)

Condi (historical)

His Fredo (What a fuckup)

ROOOVVEE!! (he's a traitor)

If you're wondering how he thinks and rules,

He just leaves a stink(la-la-la)
Then repeat to yourself, "Just two more years,

"I could really use a drink".

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