Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Talking Points Moolah

Josh Marshall is having a fundraiser. I just dropped him a few bucks and I urge you to consider doing so, too.

If you think there would have even been a U.S. Attorney scandal without Josh Marshall, think again. Don't believe me? Just read what Time Magazine's Washington Bureau Chief, Jay Carney said as TPM kept digging into the story of the U.S. Attorneys who had been replaced without Senate confirmation thanks to Arlen Specter, who negligently (?) permitted a provision allowing just that (a provision that allowed the executive to subvert his own branch of government, people) to be inserted into the reauthorization of the Patriot Act at the eleventh hour:

Of course! It all makes perfect conspiratorial sense!

Except for one thing: in this case some liberals are seeing broad partisan conspiracies where none likely exist.

This is the Washington Bureau Chief of Time, people. Time's fortunes may be waning, but it still Time.

If you think the guardians of our discourse are guarding anything but their own rear ends, just re-read Carney pooh-pooh-ing the story. Then open your wallet, and show Josh Marshall and the crack staff over at TPM a little love.

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