Monday, March 26, 2007

A writer of some note

Larry Gelbart:

For nearly six years, from the rabbinical Wolf Blitzer to the rabid Chris Matthews, I have been assaulted 365/12/52/24/7 by the never-ending exploits of a gang of flag-clad thugs, avid proponents of an Imperial Vice-Presidency; a gang that cannot shoot straight (except at one another or at the U.S. Constitution). Too busy to keep up with all the blogging, I am sustained chiefly by my fix of Frank Rich's weekly essays, his valiant (and brilliant) reminders that a counter-Coulter does in fact exist.

Six hundred and sixty-six days more -- 666. When you leave the Oval Office, sir, be careful not to get your tail caught on the door.

George Will is shocked, SHOCKED at the anger.

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