Wednesday, March 28, 2007


If Fred Thompson gets into the race he'll only have two marriages to throw down as evidence of his family values.

That's below par. The average of the GOP top 4 presently is 2.25 wives a candidate.

In fact, I, Atta J. Turk, renaissance man (y'know like the Borgias) believe that "the Wikipedia" should add a new section to the bottom of their biography pages. It will fit right in.

For example, with Rudy Giuliani they can add this box:

After the GOP nomination race is over and Mitt Romney is officially "thanked for his participation" (K-Lo's reaction) I suggest a new reality show for the FX Channel or SPIKE.

Mitt Romney marries Giuliani's & Gingrich's ex-wives in an Old School Mormon wedding. We'll call it "LATTER DAY WIFE SWAP".

I expect some form of renumeration when this idea makes it on to the air.

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