Wednesday, March 21, 2007



You can never go wrong telling Bush to act like an ass. He's the Dad Who Is Always Mad -- and it's just this type of manipulation and advice that's gotten him -- and this nation -- into the trouble we're all in today.

Digby also brings up a point about media coverage and their patent laziness when it comes to the subject of executive privilege and what is protected and what is not.

Which brings me especially to the topic of Chris Matthews, who has the most profound case of bipolar disorder to be found in the media.

When Bush's policy failures, especially Iraq, are talked about he emotes on the awfulness of the policy and goes out of his way to trumpet his somewhat synthetic opposition to the war from the beginning.

Which leads us to the other Chris Matthews who gives us a preview of his post-show masturbation rituals every time the Lemur-in-Chief acts like an even less competent Benito Mussolini and pitches a hissy-fit or stages an overwrought display of his own self-satisfaction (for example the flight suit).

Surely nothing brought out a chubby in Matthews like this statement from Bush yesterday:

"They (U.S. attorneys) serve at OUR pleasure"

Oh gawd, the ROYAL 'OUR'.

Bush speaking about himself in the imperial third person. Some poor stagehand had to get Matthews an old sock STAT!

It will get even worse today, though I'll just be assuming this as I will NOT be watching, as the slobbering canary interviews another object of his fascistic fetishes Tom DeLay. I hope there's plenty of lubricant and towels.

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