Saturday, March 24, 2007

With God on Our Side?

Check this out from Underneath Politics. This is how the President responded when asked about the lack of progress in Iraq. I think we're in serious trouble. Of course, the statements below are nothing new. And Bush regularly expects the support of the Almighty in elections. And good years for Bush. Not to mention that the divine supposedly tells Bush what to do.

“Semantics,” the President said. “We could all nitpick everything everyone did, but until the American people start looking at elected officials as ‘God like,’ and not question their actions, we will never be a truly great nation.”

The whack-a-noodle of an executive also maintains that because his actions are directed by God, there is little or nothing to question.

“God tells me what to do and I do it,” the President says. “If that’s not good enough for the progressive’s in this country then I am at a loss. Perhaps the fact that some in America trust the likes of Howard Dean over God displeases Him, and that is the reason things are not going well in Iraq. If that is the case, which I strongly suspect, I should not be held responsible.”

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