Sunday, April 01, 2007

"The Loathe Boat"

"Buy me a drink sailor?"

What could be a better way to celebrate Summer than the "Cruise of the Neo-Cons?". Apparently Fred & Bill are going into international waters to express their love. But that's not all. No, you have a chance to celebrate the death of an agenda on the high-seas. Look out for icebergs (or "Snakes, in Alaska?"). If something happens you could always say "their hearts will go on", but that assumes facts not in evidence.

Still, just look at the attendees:

Ooh la la. A chance to talk about how the real "success" of the surge is being hidden by the press with Fred Kagan. Fred can tell you that all we need is another 6 to 600 months and 50,000 troops and things will really start to turn around.

Or you can toss him overboard.

Your call.

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