Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wow our policies have failed across the board, what will we do?

"Hmmm, Let's try lying again. That usually works."

Bush to Declare Gains in Iraq on Some Fronts

The Bush administration will assert in the next few days that progress in carrying out the new American strategy in Iraq has been satisfactory on nearly half of the 18 benchmarks set by Congress, according to several administration officials.

But it will qualify some verdicts by saying that even when the political performance of the Iraqi government has been unsatisfactory, it is too early to make final judgments, the officials said.

The administration’s decision to qualify many of the political benchmarks will enable it to present a more optimistic assessment than if it had provided the pass-fail judgment sought by Congress when it approved funding for the war this spring.

Now I know Bush has been getting graded on a substantial curve all his life (troll 'Bush had better grades than Kerry' auto-reply program engaged), but this is getting ridiculous. We've had five years of palpable fraud tossed out by these clowns to perpetuate this war so they can blame Democrats for losing it. It's becoming like a tired sitcom -- except the Ropers are actually pretty sure George really is a war criminal.

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