Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Do not want!

Yet another debate I didn't watch last night.

After two or three of these worthless events I stopped watching...so that would mean I must have stopped in about April 2007 or so. 106 debates later, I feel much better than I would have.

Nevertheless, I read about them later, from our serious and not-so-serious pundits and strategists of who won and who lost and who looked pretty and who was the black one and who was the woman and on the other side who was the dead guy, no the other dead guy ... no the one who looks like beef jerky.

And what I heard about last night is that Lesley Blitzer, the world's worst reindeer (better for Dasher, who's a real asshole), asked this question:

Why would Dr. King endorse you if he were alive today?

Good thing all I have here are butter knives.

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