Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Eternal F.U. of the War Loving Mind

Well, now that someone has managed to count the "935 Lies" that got us into an illegal and unjustifiable ... yet ... unwinnable war, I guess it's only fair that it continue on indefinitely.

Petraeus: I Need Another Six Months To Determine Whether ‘We’ve Reached A Turning Point’

Yeah, awesome.

I don't think I even really need to guess here anymore.

Come July, he'll tell us "gee, it looks good enough (no matter how it actually looks), but we need another six months just to be sure".

Which naturally takes us into January 2009, when the next President, who doesn't want to be blamed for losing the war that should never have been fought and can never be won, will not want to be the President who is blamed by those who started the unwinnable illegal war for losing the war already lost and will keep the troops in for 8 to 16 FUs.

That incredibly long-sentence was clear enough right?

Making it all come down to this as stated succinctly by Andrew Bacevich in the Washington Post a few days ago:

In only one respect has the surge achieved undeniable success: It has ensured that U.S. troops won't be coming home anytime soon. This was one of the main points of the exercise in the first place.

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