Saturday, January 26, 2008

Halliburton Spam Letter

Wow, Halliburton is trying to come up with creative ways to bilk Americans... Does Halliburton Watch know?

Attn Mr/Mrs.
I am Madam Mary Mike; I work with an oil servicing company name

Halliburton,pipeline and process service. I am the personal assistance to the cost control manager late Mr. Pedro pearl; he died in an auto clash on his way coming to office on a fateful day in June 29 2005.unfortunately my boss came to my country as a single man, no wife no relatives around, so no body to claim what he has, however our management send some of his properties to his address where he claim to come from, but fortunately for me as her personal assistance his cash book of 7.5m dollars was not discovered from me.

Further more what I want now is a foreigner who will claim to be his next of kin so we can claim this money out and make use of it instead of wasting it to the bank manager who never know about it. So any interested person should contact me personally in my private email address for further explanation, we will share this money 50%. 100%riskfree.Must be confidential.No third party is allowed.

Honest and trust is the motto.
Thanks for understanding, please get back to me if you are interested in my personal email for more details.

Yours faithfully,

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