Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tone Deaf Rudy

I think I know why Rudy is tanking so badly, other than the obvious reasons like the dude just looks weird, and it isn't his incessant babbling about 9-11. I don't watch Chris Matthews any more because, really, I can't stand the guy but I saw it last night when he interviewed Rudy. So why is Rudy tanking? Because he is citing too much litigation as one of the great problems facing the country (no transcript as of this typing). To mention litigation as a major issue when other concerns are at the top of everyone's list like, oh let's see, the subprime meltdown, Iraq, markets tanking, exploding budget deficits, unemployment concerns, poverty rates rising, health care, and general malaise, shows how truly out of touch this guy is. What a moron. I hope he loses in Florida to the guy named "uncommitted".

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