Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is Obama a Reagan Fan?

Check out the Consortiumnews account.  Is it wise for Obama to be seen being even close to giving praise to Ronald Reagan?  Barack Obama raised some eyebrows when he cited Reagan as an example of a political leader who "changed the trajectory of America."  Isn't that pushing a little too hard for the so-called Reagan Democrats? 

Though Obama now says he wasn't endorsing Reagan's policies or politics-- only recognizing Reagan's historic importance -- the comment still begs the question of what change Reagan actually created in American politics, especially in a era of Neo-Conservative policies from all the branches of the federal government.

What about the economic and military adventurism that Reagan pursued?  Not to mention to courting the Religious Right.  It was Ronald Reagan who was one among the first GOPers to pursue the support of the Religious Roundtable (filled with Swaggart, Baker, Robertson, Roberts, and other religious zealots who entered politics with enthusiasm).  And so much more...

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