Friday, January 25, 2008


Elliot a commentor at Firedoglake said they heard a CSPAN caller state in regard to the stimulus:

"We've spent $100,100.00 per Iraqi the last five years and my family gets $600?!"

Thinking about that, is the math right?

29 Million Iraqis...

$10 each $290 million
$100 each $2.9 billion
$1000 each $29 billion
$10,000 each $290 billion
$100,000 each $2.9 trillion

They are a little high, but considering Bush is asking for $193 Billion next year for Iraq & Afghanistan; at least $160 Billion of that is probably for Iraq only...

Well, I think you see they are not all that far off. And considering what we (and Iraqis) have gotten for that money...[stops to keep from jumping out of building]

This caller really needs to run the DNC or the 2008 nominees campaign.

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