Monday, January 21, 2008

Well with one year to go

It's time to contemplate what our Village Idiots Pundits would be writing now if the Gore Administration was in it's last year.

I'll start:

January 21, 2008, various pundits mark the last year of the Gore Administration by looking at it's short-comings.

"Hussein would have been overthrown months earlier and with less bloodshed if Gore had taken a more activist approach". - Bill Kristol

"The continued surplus the Gore Administration is maintaining is stifling the economy and it's 5% GDP" - George Will

"If Gore hadn't been so preoccupied in the early months of his Administration defending us from some phony terrorist attack, Wall Street wouldn't be stuck with the Dow at 20,000." - Larry Kudlow

"He came in here and trashed the place, and it wasn't his place either!" - David Broder

Feel free to add yours.

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