Friday, March 28, 2008


You faithful readers know I'm a real sucker for a good Fred Kagan smack down.

Glennzilla delivers.

On Monday, Kagan was proclaiming the Iraq Civil War was OVER! Everybody was committed to getting along.

By Tuesday, of course, we found out what Juan Cole had been predicting for several weeks occurring (Kagan vs. Cole, talk about phonies versus actual experts).

But this was the most powerful part of Greenwald's takedown:

I just received the following email from a woman whose son has been serving in Iraq, along with a picture of him:

Mr. Greenwald,

Thank you for coverage of the war in Iraq. Since you posted a picture of one of the people who got us into this war, I would like to share a picture with you. I have attached a picture of my son, US Army XXX XXXX XXXXX. He spent XX months in Iraq in 2006-2007 and will return in XXX. 2009. He was lucky and came back OK, although he lost friends and had many narrow escapes. He is 23 years old, married for almost 2 years, and a wonderful man in every way. In the picture he's with a couple of Iraqi kids.I wish Kaplan (sic) and his fellow war cheerleaders could live as the parent or spouse of a deployed soldier or as an Iraqi parent for just a few days. He wouldn't be so quick to say the war is over.

Thanks again for your work,


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