Monday, March 24, 2008

Damn the Chicken-hawks to Hell!

After just returning from burying an amazing grandparent who influenced the lives -- positively -- of over 50 members of a family, I return home to the news that over 4,000 American soldiers have died in Iraq.

Anger does not capture the anguish I feel.

Frustration, alienation, hatred does not begin to compare to how I feel about the murderous treasonous thugs of the Bush misadministration.

The man we buried a few days ago lived to be 92. Had lived in a house he built with family for over 50 years!  We told stories about him and his life until 2am. 

What kind of stories are the parents and loved ones of these soldiers going to be able to tell? 

funeral-topper  (picture from USA Today)

Damn this war. 

Damn the ones who lied, cheated, and killed to get it.

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