Monday, March 24, 2008



As we mourn the passing of the 4,000 men and women who have given their lives in Iraq, It’s important to remember who allowed this to happen.  I remember Sen. Robert Byrd, attempted to mount a filibuster against the resolution to allow the war but he was cut off on a 75 to 25 vote.

Byrd had argued the resolution amounted to a "blank check" for the White House.

"This is the Tonkin Gulf resolution all over again," Byrd said. "Let us stop, look and listen. Let us not give this president or any president unchecked power. Remember the Constitution.  As the senior Senator he made a powerful speech to call out fellow democrats to say no to the vote to go to war.

Here was the longest serving human being in the history of the United States Senate. Nine times elected to a six year term. He stood up during this resolution, and he begged his colleagues. And he begged the people.  All to no avail.  And look where we are now.  He was right.

And here is what Senator Clinton did:

Link to Full speech

You tube video full speech link

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