Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Who's Messiah are you on?

Hey, Michael Gerson...

When your side stops kissing the ass of ...

Jerry Falwell (okay too late for that one)

Pat Robertson

John Hagee

Or any number of Catholic-Jew-Gay-America Haters you can talk to me about Jeremiah Wright.

Furthermore, if we are just going to extract a few minutes here and there of sermons then what can we find from those folks?

But my favorite for this perpetual double-standard has to be the long-time GOP love affair with Reverend Moon and the Moonies. For Moon is the self-proclaimed messiah on earth and has owned the Washington Times for about three decades now. Something that goes curiously unmentioned in our media while condemning some black people and their craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy ways.

And during this whole time he and the conservative media have been giving each other reach-arounds.

See how many times the Washington Times, a loss-leader if ever there was one, is quoted by these knuckleheads in condemning a liberal...especially on religious matters.

When you guys stop cupping Reverend Moon's balls, you guys can have some point worth listening to on extreme religious speech.

But until then...

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