Wednesday, March 19, 2008

"Feels Good"

Said the man as he pumped his fist, if a man he be, though no woman would proudly claim Bush either. Let's just say "it" shall we?

"Feels good" it said five years ago today when it launched 'Operation Clusterfuck' and it's sequels, "Operartion Clusterfuck II:Electric Boogaloo"; "Operation Clusterfuck III: This time it's Personal"; "Operation Clusterfuck IV: Taxing The Next Generation"; "Operation Clusterfuck V: The Surge" and of course the now premiering "Operation Clusterfuck VI: Bush vs. Freddy".

Yes, it's been a delightful five years so far in the land where lauching voluntary wars and proclaiming everlasting Freidmans is the height of sound policy and if you disagree you're a big liberal fascist.

Thank goodness for those 4,000 dead Americans, 25,000 wounded, the $500 billion and counting all the way up to at least $3 trillion. And let us not forget the nameless, faceless, brown-people who worship a faith that has so few people boisterous about bombing us as the 'Great Satan' that we had to bomb a shitload of non-offending brown-people to prove that we aren't evil at all, just EXXXXXXXXXXXXXTREMELY freedom loving.

I'm getting a little teary-eyed...of course that might be the tap water.

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