Thursday, March 20, 2008

I am alive ...and pissed

Hello Regular readers, I apologize for my tardiness of which Dr. Atta J. Turk is all too familiar with but after a breaking of spring and a death in the family, I have returned back to my electronic homestead. 

And I return to hear a vice president cavalierly dismiss the entire sentiments of three quarters of the American public with a single word, "So..."  I come back to hear what must have been a slightly drunk prezneet Bush try to defend a failed and by any sane person's account -- an unmitigated disastrous and destructive war in the middle east. 

I reenter and the economy is sliding toward depression where the two America's that John Edwards spoke about is being quite apparent.  Where is the DAMN INDIGNATION over what will become $4 a gallon gas (or more)!!! 

I am back.  I promise my thoughts on politics, culture, and music.  But man, I sure wish everything didn't have be in such a spiral when I did.

Yeah, I'm alive.

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