Friday, March 14, 2008

We've come a long-way...

Sort of:

Toward the end of [October 1920], hundreds of thousands of voters all across the country found in their mailboxes or slipped beneath the front door a circular addressed TO THE MEN AND WOMEN OF AMERICA -- AN OPEN LETTER. It was signed by Dr. W.E. Chancellor, a negrophobic history professor who had devoted months to demonstrating to his own satisfaction that [GOP Nominee Warren] Harding was "not a White man ... not a creole ... not a mulatto, [but] a mestizo," whose election must be stopped in order "save America from international shame and ... domestic ruin." - Geoffrey Ward, A First Class Temperament, p. 547.

By the way Hillary Clinton's middle name is... "DIANE"

Shameful, I know.

After all we all remember "Idiane Amin"*.

*Who was black by the way

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