Sunday, November 15, 2009

Banned Words of 2010™: Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

Had to update the list again, because the blogs and media have yet another new favorite word that is really starting to annoy me. As always, new items in BOLD. Add your suggestions in comments. We'll cull this list to ten in December.

Because it's never too early to put the world on notice...
  1. Slams. As in "X slams Y'. Biggest offenders: The Huffington Post and, sadly, Josh Marshall's TalkingPointsMemo. (Damnit, TPM! STOP IT! It's again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again with this construction! Enough!)
  2. Dither/Dithering (Dee Loralei from comments)
  3. Gamechanger
  4. Recession
  5. Sausage grinder (re the legislative process)
  6. Gunman
  7. Bonus
  8. Teachable Moment
  9. Lockdown
  10. Too big to fail
  11. Octomom
  12. Toxic assets
  13. Stress Test
  14. Obamism
  15. Color Story
  16. Green shoots (re the economy)
  17. Temperament
  18. The New New (or The New Normal)
  19. Twitter
  20. Bánh mì
  21. Swarovski crystals
  22. Empathy
  23. New media, including but not limited to "Social Networking"
  24. Tablescape (Cut it out, Food Network!) (h/t pal Sexy Pixie)
  25. Closely watched yardstick
  26. Compromise/Bipartisan
  27. Emboldened
  28. Cougar
  29. Serious
  30. Walk back (As in "Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum is walking back his comments about party boss Rush Limbaugh."
  31. Baby Bump
  32. Fascism
  33. Statement Jewelry
  34. Perfidious (This one is Steve Simels' fault.)
  36. Socialism
  37. Digital
  38. Czar/Tsar
  39. Devastate/Devastated/Devastating
  40. Post-Racial

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