Thursday, November 19, 2009

File Under: "Words I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Utter"

Disconcerting Greenwald-esque update below.

Less disconcerting second Greenwald-esque update below that one.


NYT: Giuliani is Said to Have Decided Not to Run for Governor

Hey, Judi: Time to start hunting for Husband No. 4.

Update: Oh, Goddamnit: Report: Rudy Will Run For Senate Against Gillibrand -- And Then For President Again

Judi obviously got to him.

Seriously...this little prick thinks he can run on a platform that says, "I'm going to bounce your senator and then pull a Palin after two years so I can run for president? At last Hillary did New Yorkers the courtesty of blowing smoke up our asses about her presidential ambitions.

Update II: Heh. Giuliani camp denies senate report..

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